Rachel Zhang

年齡: 22

出生地點: 中國

身高:  5’4”
103 lbs

學歷: 大學

星座: 巨蟹座

興趣: 唱歌、聽音樂、拉二胡、詩詞朗誦、運動、旅行、品嘗美食

志願/目標: 成為一名優秀的旅行博主,為大家帶來歡樂的同時,分享更多有價值的信息,幫助到更多人

Age: 22

Place of Birth: China

Height: 5’4”
103 lbs

Education: University
Languages Spoken:
English, Mandarin

Horoscope: Cancer

Hobbies:  Singing, listening to music, play the erhu, poetry recitation, playing sports, travelling and food

Ambition/ Goal:  Become an excellent travel blogger, bring joy to everyone and share more valuable information to help more people.

1. 你認為生命中的哪一瞬間是可以讓你一遍又一遍地重溫?
1. What is one moment in your life that you feel you could relive over and over again?


Friends say that my positive and optimistic character can infect them because I am a girl who loves to laugh. I face and solve problems positively. When my friend feels down, depressed, and encountered difficulties. They love to talk to me because I can help them to adjust their emotions with an optimistic attitude.

2. 你認為充分發揮潛力的最大障礙是甚麼?
2. What do you think is the biggest obstacle that stops someone from achieving their full potential?


I sometimes lack adventurousness, worry about a lot of things which leads to missed opportunities to do something. But seizing the opportunity itself means taking risks, and only taking risks will yield opportunities, and those who break the rules often achieve success.

3. 倘若離開,有哪些成就或壯舉是你希望能夠被記住或留下?
3. What legacy do you want to leave behind after you die?


I want to leave a book that records the stories of my life. Different experiences have brought me different growths, and each experience has accumulated relevant life experiences. So writing these into the book, I hope it can help those who need help.

4. 哪一部電影可以讓你看完一遍又一遍而不厭倦? 為甚麼?
4. What is one movie that can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of? Why?


I love watching "Howl's Moving Castle". This movie is about the mutual warm love story between a magician and a cursed girl. I like this movie because the heroine, after being cursed by a witch to become an old man, not only did not lose confidence in life, complained, and sighed but bravely faced her current situation and continued to enjoy life with a strong, positive and optimistic attitude. She moved the people around her with love and sincerity, and she didn't care about her past suspicions to help the witch who had cursed her! In the end, after all the hard work, she changed back to her original girly appearance. Her story gave me a lot of inspiration, and let me face everything bravely with a smile and a positive attitude like her every time I encountered difficulties; let me learn to make friends with sincerity, and stand more The position of others is for the sake of others; it also makes me understand that I need to help more people when I have the ability.

5. 你會跟10歲的自己說些甚麼?
5. What would you say to your 10-year-old self?


Don't wait any longer! Do what you want to do now! To develop your hobbies, learn the skills you want to learn, try more, and try more!

6. 你最喜歡的香味是…
6. What’s your favorite scent?


I like the aroma of jasmine very much, it is the kind of light fragrance, it smells very comfortable.

7. 最能讓你了解一個人的是…
7. What tells you the most about a person?


I think one's attitude towards beggars can reflect one's upbringing, quality, and friendliness.

8. 你哪方面的性格能為身邊人添上最大的意義及價值?
8. What aspect of your personality adds the most value to those around you?


Friends say that my positive and optimistic character can infect them, because I am a girl who loves to laugh. I always like to face and solve problems positively, so some friends always feel down when they are depressed or encounter difficulties. Talk to me, and I will help them adjust their emotions with an optimistic attitude and get back on their

9. 如果一生只能吃一道餸菜,你的選擇是?為甚麼?
9. If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Seaweed, potato, and egg soup. I like this dish very much, because it is my mother's specialty. Whenever I take an exam, my mother will make this soup for me in the morning. It is very nutritious and warms my stomach. I replenish my energy for the day and always give me good grades in exams.

10. 你曾收過哪一條改變你人生的建議?
10. What is that one piece of advice that has changed your life? 


When I was in junior high school, I didn't like sports. Every time I took physical education classes to train for running or do aerobics, I would always be lazy. But then the physical education teacher came to me alone and told me earnestly that physical health is the first priority. Life comes from exercise. Without health, everything is a cloud. This reminded me of the importance of my body to me, so since then, I have insisted on exercising to keep myself healthy!

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