Shannon Yu

年齡: 22

出生地點: 新加坡

身高:  5’9.5”
115 lbs

學歷:  大學

星座: 射手座

興趣: 畫畫、彈鋼琴、拉小提琴、游泳、照顧小動物

志願/目標: 從事藝術行業

Age: 22

Place of Birth: Singapore

Height: 5’9.5”
115 lbs

Education: University
Languages Spoken:
English, Mandarin

Horoscope: Sagittarius

Hobbies: Art (drawing, painting), music (piano and violin), swimming, taking care of/learning about animals

Ambition/ Goal:  A career in the arts!

1. 你認為生命中的哪一瞬間是可以讓你一遍又一遍地重溫?
1. What is one moment in your life that you feel you could relive over and over again?

我會特別珍惜那些被愛包圍以及被真情溫暖的瞬間,總會一遍又一遍地重溫。 特別記得童年時參加其中一次鋼琴演奏會,結束時,媽媽送給我一個精美可愛的陶瓷娃娃。年少時的我生性活潑好動,而鋼琴老師是個非常嚴厲和注重演奏技巧細節專業的老師,在演奏會上她會特別獎勵那些“聽話的好孩子”。媽媽深知我的性格,擔心我會被冷落,也十分保護我純真的創造力。演奏會結束,當我站在台上謝幕時,媽媽特意走上台來,給我小瓷娃娃,娃娃的肚子裏藏著一張紙條,媽媽在上面寫着:「我為你感到驕傲。」 這件事是我童年時代經歷的很多很多值得記住的其中一個瞬間,不知道媽媽是否還記得,但是它和所有被愛和被祝福的瞬間一起填滿我美麗和溫馨的童年時代,陪伴着我一路長大。

This moment I will treasure and return to every time I need to be reminded of just how loved and blessed I am- my mother walking on stage to gift me a ceramic doll after one of the numerous piano recitals dotting my childhood. My early piano instructor came from an older school of thought; she was strict, to her younger and older students alike, and the only students that curried her favor were those who were able to meet her professional standards. She would award those who had received the highest merits in examinations publicly, during the recitals she held and my mother, worrying that I will feel left out, prepared a beautiful ceramic message doll for me in which she wrote on paper something along the lines of “I am proud of you”. I am not too sure if my mother still remembers this absolutely nurturing and touching act she did for me as it was but one of many however it is one of my most precious moments.

2. 你認為充分發揮潛力的最大障礙是甚麼?
2. What do you think is the biggest obstacle that stops someone from achieving their full potential?


Fear. Fear of the unknown, of failure and of realizing our own limits.

3. 倘若離開,有哪些成就或壯舉是你希望能夠被記住或留下?
3. What legacy do you want to leave behind after you die?


I believe there is no better legacy than love and joy; if a person has been fortunate enough to have had been able to express and convey their love for the people in their lives and spread joy then they truly have lived a fulfilling life.

4. 哪一部電影可以讓你看完一遍又一遍而不厭倦? 為甚麼?
4. What is one movie that can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of? Why?

如果能夠無限循環播放 1995 年的《攻殼機動隊》(Ghost in the Shell),我會是個快樂的女孩! 影片中世界的建構、視覺效果和音效都讓我完全沉醉在一個如此超前的動畫世界中,時間似乎變成了永恆。 另外,電影所傳達的信息和警示也是富有內涵和值得深入思考的。

Put the 1995 “Ghost in the Shell” on an endless loop and I’ll be a happy girl! The world-building, visuals and ability to completely immerse you into an animated world was so ahead of its time that it’s practically timeless. The message and warning the film carries also makes it consumption that much more fruitful!

5. 你會跟10歲的自己說些甚麼?
5. What would you say to your 10-year-old self?


You don’t have to fit in, just never stop. Don’t settle, stay curious about the world and what is yours will find you.

6. 你最喜歡的香味是…
6. What’s your favorite scent?


I love the smell of paint because it reminds me of my childhood in Singapore.

7. 最能讓你了解一個人的是…
7. What tells you the most about a person?


Their actions because “words are cheap (and/or free)”!

8. 你哪方面的性格能為身邊人添上最大的意義及價值?
8. What aspect of your personality adds the most value to those around you?


If anything it may be my spontaneity! I am always ready for anything! Let’s make the most of today!

9. 如果一生只能吃一道餸菜,你的選擇是?為甚麼?
9. If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Sambal stingray, because it reminds me of my childhood in Singapore.

10. 你曾收過哪一條改變你人生的建議?
10. What is that one piece of advice that has changed your life? 


“If not you then who, if not now then when?” And also, that if you’re afraid to do something you really want to do someone else will do it for you!

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